Ms. Bhagyanie Chathurika

Ms. Bhagyanie Chathurika

Academic Coordinator (Matara), Lecturer


  • Academic Coordinator, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, Matara Center.
  • Lecturer, Faculty of Computing, Department of Information Technology.
Academic Qualifications
  • M.Sc in Information Technology – SLIIT, 2022
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology – SLIIT, 2009
  • B. Sc. Special Honors in Information Technology – SLIT, Feb 2007
Honors and Awards
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing
  • Member of Computer Society of Sri Lanka, Membership No : M1149
My Publications


  • 1. Chathurika, K.B.A.B., Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C.  ” A revised averaging algorithm for an effective feature extraction in component- Based Image Retrieval system  Presentation,  at IEEE International Advance Computing Conference (IACC), June 2015., Electronic ISBN: 978-1-4799-8047-5,   2015
  • 2. Chathurika, K.B.A.B., Jayasinghe, P.K.S.C.  ” Mobile-based Detection and Classification System for Plant Leaf Diseases using Image Processing Technique  Presentation,  at Congress on Computers in Agriculture (WCCA)Asia Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture (AFITA), June 2016, ISBN NO. 979-11-958140-0-8,   2016
  • Tharsha S., Dilogera J, Mohanashiyaam B., Kirushan S., K.B.A.B. Chathurika, N.H.P. Ravi Supunya Swarnakantha  ” Machine Learning-based Prediction Model for Academic Performance  Presentation,  at 3rd International conference on advancements in computing 2021 (ICAC2021),   2021
  • W.G.C.N. Egodagama, A.A.M. Zahid, G.P.T.S. Pathirana, Dissanayaka D.S., Bhagyani Chathurika, Ravi Supunya,  ” Air Pollution Mapping with Sensor-based Methodology  Presentation,  at 3rd International conference on advancements in computing 2021 (ICAC2021),   2021
  • B. A. Akalanka, K. D. A. Senevirathne, M. H. V. Dias, W. A. R. Nimantha, K. B. A. B. Chathurika and C. M. Silva  ” Smart Assistant to Ease the Process of COVID-19 and Pneumonia Detection  Presentation,     2021
  • Chathurika. K.B.A.B and Gamage. A.  ” Deep Learning Approach for Designing and Development of Risk Level Indicator for Patients with Lung Diseases  Presentation,     2022
  • Bhagyanie Chathurika, N.H.P. Ravi Supunya , Weragoda K.V,Bowatte W.M.I.K, Thalawala E.V, Bandara M.M.U.L  ” Decision-Making Platform for SMART Plantation Agriculture Using Machine Learning and Image Processing  Presentation,     2022