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Career Guidance


Making a career-ready future!

NU will assist you to make decisions about your career, finding work while you’re studying, and connecting with future employers.

The SLIIT- NU Career Guidance Unit (CGU) is dedicated to equipping undergraduates with a comprehensive understanding of potential career paths and essential technical and non-technical skills required by various industries. Alongside industry partners, the unit conducts course-specific technical workshops, as well as career readiness sessions and workshops covering topics such as CV writing, interview preparation, and office etiquette. These initiatives extend beyond the regular curriculum, enriching students’ professional acumen and allowing them to apply their knowledge in practical settings.

To foster strong connections between students and the corporate world, CGU collaborates with leading companies and institutions. Key annual events like the Career Week and HR Forum provide a valuable platform for students to engage with prospective employers in IT and Business. Moreover, the CGU facilitates the process of vacancy postings and CV collection for employers and organizes industry visits to further strengthen the university-industry linkage. This integrated approach ensures that undergraduates are well-prepared and have access to the best opportunities for their future careers.

Industry partners and collaborators

The SLIIT-NU has over 100 formal agreements with international partner institutions, ranging from internship opportunities to collaborative research and academic initiatives and academic transfer opportunities. We closely engage with the industry to enhance the quality of the curricula and maintain industry expectations from our students.

Acquire the expertise required to excel and pursue your desired career through immersive work-based education. Our campus serves as your educational landscape, providing exclusive chances to engage directly with industry professionals and community organizations. Providing internships with global ventures and hands-on learning experiences with our exclusive industry partners will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.