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The SLIIT | NORTHERNUNI Faculty of Computing and SLIIT | NORTHERNUNI Business School are equipped with a range of courses specializing in various arms of the IT and BM sectors. Students are able to choose a path that is most in line with their requirements, allowing them to pursue substantial careers in their selected field.

Life at NorthernUNI

Choosing a place to study involves more than just picking the best program. Additionally, you must decide where you want to reside and which experiences you want to bring into your life over the next few years. This is Jaffna, our city. full of adventure, culture, and many more things. A bustling and diverse food scene, people, shopping, waterways, and more – all wrapped up in a compact and easy to navigate space. Whether you’re local to the city, or considering studying with us from further afield, we’re confident that this is the place you’ll want to call home.

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