Software Engineering


BSc (Hons) in Information Technology Specialising in Software Engineering.

This programme focuses on applying software engineering theories and practices to design, develop, and maintain solutions for complex real-world problems through a sequence of processes including problem identification, analysis, software design, development, verification and documentation.

Solutions may range from single-user applications to enterprise-level applications that can scale globally.

The programme covers a wide range of key knowledge areas related to software engineering including requirements engineering, object-oriented analysis and design, full-stack development, mobile application development, enterprise-level application development,architecting software applications that can scale globally, software quality assurance, user interaction/user experience design and industry best practices for developing software.

It aims to instill a solid foundation in the entire software development lifecycle and equip students with both theoretical and practical skills.

Students have an opportunity to intern for 6 months at an organisation at the end of their third academic year.

Career Opportunities

  • Software Engineer
  • Mobile Application Engineer
  • UI/UX Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

Entry Requirements

Minimum 3 “S” passes in G.C.E A/L (Sri Lanka) or Minimum 3 ”D” passes in G.C.E A/L Cambridge or Edexcel (in any subject stream) in a single sitting and Pass the Aptitude Test conducted by NORTHERN UNI.

Why Software Engineering?

  • Harness the power of cutting-edge theories and practises to create innovative solutions for complex real-world problems.
  • Gain expertise in a range of processes, including problem identification, analysis, software design, development, verification, and documentation.
  • Develop solutions that transcend boundaries, from single-user applications to robust enterprise-level systems capable of global scalability.
  • Experience a valuable opportunity to intern at a prestigious organisation for 3 to 6 months during your third academic year, gaining practical insights and real-world experience.

Programme Outcomes

  • Develop proficiency in software engineering methodologies, tools, and techniques.
  • Acquire a deep understanding of software development principles, enabling you to design, develop, and maintain robust software solutions.
  • Enhance your analytical and problem-solving skills, which are essential for identifying and resolving complex software challenges.
  • Gain the ability to collaborate effectively within multidisciplinary teams, fostering a spirit of innovation and cooperation.
  • Cultivate strong communication and presentation skills to articulate your ideas and solutions with clarity and confidence.
  • Foster a lifelong passion for learning and stay abreast of emerging trends and advancements in the ever-evolving field of software engineering
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
IT 1010 Introduction to Programming 04
IT 1020 Introduction to Computer Systems 04
IT 1030 Mathematics for Computing 04
IT 1040 Communication Skills 03
Semester 2
IT 1050 Object Oriented Concepts 02
IT 1060 Software Process Modeling 03
IT 1080 English for Academic Purposes 03
IT 1090 Information Systems and Data Modeling 04
IT 1100 Internet and Web Technologies 04
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
IT 2020 Software Engineering 04
IT 2030 Object Oriented Programming 04
IT 2040 Database Management Systems 04
IT 2050 Computer Networks 04
IT 2060 Operating Systems and System Administration 04
Semester 2
IT 2010 Mobile Application Development 04
IT 2070 Data Structures and Algorithms 04
IT 2080 IT Project 04
IT 2090 Professional Skills 02
IT 2100 Employability Skills Development –Seminar 01
IT 2110 Probability and Statistics 03
Code Module Credit
SE 3010 Software Engineering Process & Quality Management 04
SE 3020 Distributed Systems 04
SE 3030 Software Architecture 04
SE 3040 Application Frameworks 04
IT 3050 Employability Skills Development – Seminar (Non GPA) 01
SE 3050 User Experience Engineering 03
SE 3060 Database Systems 04
SE 3070 Case Studies in Software Engineering 04
SE 3080 Software Project Management 03
IT 3100 Industry Placement (Non GPA) 08
Code Module Credit
IT 4010 Research Project 16
IT 4070 Preparation for the Professional World (Non GPA) 02
SE 4010 Current Trends in Software Engineering 04
SE 3040 Secure Software Development 04
Two Elective Modules of the Following
IT 4130 Image Understanding & Processing 04
IT 4060 Machine Learning 04
SE 4040 Enterprise Application Development 04
SE 4020 Mobile Application Design & Development 04
SE 4050 Deep Learning 04
SE 4060 Parallel Computing 04
IE 4060 Robotics and Intelligent Systems 04

Course Fee

Tuition fees for the BSc (Hons) in Information Technology – Software Engineering programme are currently set at LKR 215,000 per semester. It is important to note that fees for subsequent semesters must be paid prior to the commencement of each semester. This comprehensive fee covers various aspects, including lectures, tutorials, examinations, access to computer laboratory facilities, and library resources.

To make the payment, please credit the fees to Account No. 1630552 at the Bank of Ceylon, in favour of the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. Payments can be made at the Bank of Ceylon Kollupitiya Branch, located on the first floor of the BoC Merchant Tower Building, or at any branch of the Bank of Ceylon. Alternatively, you can also credit the fees to Account No. 00 399 0000033 at any branch of Sampath Bank.

Please note that fees are generally non-refundable. However, if you have a valid reason for requesting a refund, such as unforeseen circumstances, you may submit a refund request within one week from the date of commencement of lectures for each semester. It’s important to remember that a ten percent deduction will be applied to the refunded amount.

We encourage you to adhere to the fee payment deadlines and make the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth academic journey. If you have any further questions, regarding fees or payment options, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated admissions team.