Research at SLIIT NORTHERN UNI: Empowering Innovation and Knowledge

Our dedication to research is evident at both the national and international levels. With a strong research base spanning diverse academic fields, we actively engage in cutting-edge research that tackles real-world challenges and drives innovation.

Our academic departments, as well as affiliated units and centres, serve as fertile ground for conducting groundbreaking research that generates impactful insights and advancements.

We firmly believe that research is not confined to postgraduate studies alone. That’s why we have seamlessly integrated research methodology into our undergraduate curricula.

To further bolster our research efforts, we have established a dedicated research centre that serves as a hub for multidisciplinary collaborations, facilitating synergistic interactions among researchers across various domains.

We have also introduced the SLIIT NORTHERN UNI research grant scheme. This scheme aims to provide financial support to researchers, enabling them to pursue their ambitious projects, explore uncharted territories, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.