BA (Hons) Interior Design


BA (Hons) Interior Design


The Programme

Liverpool John Moores University’s BA (Hons) Interior Design degree programme at SLIIT School of Architecture provides students to work on authentic architectural projects with input from practicing architects and interior design specialists in a dynamic studio environment with industry-standard technical facilities. This program emphasizes creative inspiration and philosophical interpretation of broader issues, resulting in complex design projects.

the interior design modules are formulated to help students to develop the sensitivity as a designer to respond to creative adaptation, repurposing, remodeling, restyling, and refitting of new and existing buildings and spaces when designing and to instill the skills required to use of a range of communication mediums to convey design ideas including drawings, models, and graphics. Subject knowledge is primarily gained through studio environments that are seamlessly briefed by lectures, tutorials, and workshops.

Approved by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act
Member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities
Member International Association of Universities (IAU)

Entry Requirements

Eligibility for the programmes are as follows:
  • GCE advanced level examination (local) or London advanced level examinations 3 passes in any stream.
Successful candidates will be selected through an aptitude test (followed by an interview if required) conducted by the School of Architecture at SLIIT. *Note: For any other qualifications, please contact us: [email protected]


Bachelor of Science (Hons) Architecture




On-campus / Hybrid


January / September


3 Years


Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 02

A key ambition is to create graduates with artistic flair who are technically skilled and grounded in the demand of the profession further adept of resolving problems with creative originality. As an aim to develop graduate skills and knowledge such that the student become an autonomous thinker who can analyze, visualizing and testing potential solutions to increasingly complex social, spatial, and technical issues including knowledge on construction materials, skills on application of fundamentals into solutions derived for broader issues within an increasingly holistic global scenario.

Career Prospects

Interior and spatial designers, exhibition designers, production designers, theatre/TV/film and visual merchandisers are just a few of the careers directly related to your degree. Any business that produces areas for people to live, shop, or work is a potential employer for interior designers. This includes companies that provide a wide range of design services to retailers, such as architectural firms and construction companies, interior design firms, visual merchandising departments, exhibition centers, and film/TV/theater production companies.

You might work for an internal company or a consultancy that offers services to a variety of external clients. Freelance work is fairly common, but there are also permanent, full-time jobs

Code Module
4511DSRI History
4521DSRI Architectural Evaluation
4522DSRI Architectural Design1
4523DSRI Architectural Design 2 - Origination
4524DSRI Architectural Design 2 – Resolution
4531DSRI Technology & Practice 1
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
AR 2110 Architectural Design: Design Studio 3 8.0
AR 2120 Architectural Design: Design Studio 4 8.0
AR 2130 Architectural Design: Theory of Architecture and Design 1 2.0
AR 2140 Architectural Design: Theory of Architecture and Design 2 2.0
AR 2210 Culture and Society: Urban Studies and Planning 1 2.0
AR 2220 Culture and Society: Urban Studies and Planning 2 2.0
AR 2310 Environment: Site and Planning 2.0
AR 2320 Environment: Lighting and Acoustics 2.0
AR 2410 Construction Technology: Structures 2 2.0
AR 2420 Construction Technology: Building Services 2.0
AR 2430 Construction Technology : Building Construction 2.0
AR 2610 Profession and Practice : Building Regulations and law 2.0
AR 2510 Visual Communications: CAD 1 2.0
AR 2520 Visual Communications : CAD 2 2.0
Code Module
6511DSRI CDP Research
6521DSRI Interior Design - Origination
6522DSRI Interior Design - Resolution
6523DSRI Comprehensive Design Project
6531DSRI Technology & Practice 3